About Thea


Thea is a recovering perfectionist, writer,  happiness coach and mum of three. With over 20 years of training and self-development under her belt and 11 years as a coach she has the experience, intuition, and expertise to help you on your journey to happiness and fulfilment – whatever that means to you.

Here is her story:

Seven years ago I had an argument with my then 8-year-old son.  It was a normal family dispute and we were both upset.  But then he shouted at me:

Mum – you expect me to be perfect all the time!  I can’t be perfect!

In a moment  I realised that being a perfectionist was not only hindering my life and happiness, but that – heartbreakingly – it was also damaging my children’s.

That day, I vowed to quit my addiction to striving for perfection.  Life is messy, we are  all beautifully imperfect – so why was I expecting the impossible from myself daily and being my own worst enemy. For the sake of my children’s happiness and future, it was time to change. I got serious about letting go of the need to be perfect.

I’d love to say it’s been easy, but at times it’s been excruciatingly bleak and scary. I went through depression, loneliness and despair as I struggled with ways to overcome the pressure I put on myself, the negative voices in my head and the self-doubt lurking around every corner.

But I kept experimenting, learning and practicing and I discovered what did and didn’t work for me.  What I can say now is that the last few years have been the happiest and most fulfilling of my life.  I am now living with an inner confidence, calm and happiness that I’ve never experienced before.  Its a wonderful place to be.

The best thing about the ups and downs that I’ve been through is that now I know all the nitty gritty details of the journey from self-doubt to self-confidence, from depression to happiness. I understand the pain of letting go of engrained beliefs, goals and mindsets that I thought should and would make me happy.  I am fully acquainted with the conflicting voices in our minds and the techniques and practices that can quieten down the constant negative chatter.  And I’ve experienced the wonder of waking up each day grateful and happy to be who I am with the life I have.

If you’d like to be a recovering perfectionist rather than feeling like a never-good-enough perfectionist, I can help you.


If you’d like to have a chat about overcoming your self-doubt, perfectionism, negative voices and how I can help you with that please book a Skype call with me.  It’s free, relaxed, confidential and might just change your life.




You can also email me using the form below.


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